Victim Resource Center

Services provided by the Victim Resource Center (VRC) include:


  • Informal mediation to address potential victim rights violations
  • Help to victims in resolving problems with the justice system
  • Information on victim rights in Wisconsin
  • Referrals to resources for crime victims in need of additional services
  • Victim/witness assistance in cases the Attorney General’s Office is prosecuting or in cases when no other county victim/witness services are available
  • Victim Appellate Notification Services (VANS) alerting crime victims to the outcome of criminal appeals


The VRC does not provide legal advice. If you are looking for an attorney or legal services contact the Wisconsin Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service


The VRC does not handle family court issues such as child custody, visitation, placement or child support.  For assistance with family matters contact the Wisconsin Department of Families and Children.