Justice System Training

Justice System Training (JST) provides and sponsors specialized training to law enforcement, prosecutors, and court personnel throughout the state of Wisconsin. Basic and Advanced training courses are provided through funds from the Violence Against Women Act for improving the investigation, prosecution, and adjudication of sensitive crimes cases at no cost to participants for the sessions or materials. Training sessions are held throughout the state and may be requested


Training provides a review of the dynamics of each crime, Wisconsin laws regarding the topics, and specialized training including:


  • Domestic Violence– Restraining Orders; Identifying the predominant aggressor to reduce dual arrest; Mandatory arrest; Evidence collection; and Homicide prevention.
  • Sexual Assault– Offender and Victim behavior; Interviewing victims, perpetrators, and witnesses; and Identifying and gathering crime scene evidence including medical forensic evidence.
  • Elder Abuse– Sexual and Physical Abuse; Neglect; Abandonment; Financial or Material Exploitation; and Self-neglect.
  • Stalking and Strangulation– Identifying the characteristics and risk indicators of each crime; Crime scene procedure; and Follow up investigation.