Victim Rights and Services

Victim and Witness Rights

Victims of crime in Wisconsin have special constitutional and statutory rights. The rights help keep victims aware of what is happening in a case and provide a chance to speak with a prosecutor, to make statements to the court, and to be told when hearings are held. In Wisconsin, a spouse, minor child, adult child, sibling, parent or legal guardian of a homicide victim is considered a victim for the purpose of receiving these special rights and other services. Learn more in the brochure Rights and Services for Crime Victims and Witnesses (PDF) or call the Department of Justice Office of Crime Victim Services toll free at (800) 446-6564.


Restitution and Crime Victims Compensation

In cases in which there is a conviction, victims are entitled to seek a court order for restitution from the offender to pay for expenses related to the crime. Under some circumstances, victims of crime may be eligible for assistance to pay for certain expenses (including for medical and psychological services) related to the crime through the Wisconsin Crime Victims Compensation Program . There are eligibility requirements which you can learn about by calling the Department of Justice Office of Crime Victim Services toll free at (800) 446-6564.


Victim Support Services

There are many services and support groups devoted to assisting victims of crime. Many provide services free of charge. The Wisconsin Department of Justice has an online victim resource directory that you can search in order to learn about what is available in your county or nearby.


For More Information

Call the Department of Justice Victim Resource Center toll free (800) 446-6564, or visit us online.