Information About an Unsolved Case

If you know which agency is investigating the case, call and ask to speak with the person assigned to the case. If you do not know which agency to call, you can call your local law enforcement agency for help identifying who you should call to report your information.


If You Have Information about the Case Involving Your Loved One

You should communicate information about your case directly to the investigator or prosecutor assigned to the case. If you find it difficult to reach him or her, or to find a time when you are both free, you may want to provide the information in writing and call later to follow up and make sure he or she received it.


If You Wish To Provide Information about a Crime Anonymously

Crime Stoppers (CS) encourages the reporting of information or leads which can assist law enforcement with solving crimes. You can report to CS anonymously. Be aware that Crime Stoppers is not part of the local police or sheriff's department. Find a Crime Stoppers program near you.