Office of Crime Victim Services

Sample Victims' Rights Notification Form for Law Enforcement


Wisconsin Stat. § 950.08(2g) requires that law enforcement provide victims of crime with specific written information within 24 hours of contact with the victim.  The information that must be given to victims includes certain phone numbers and addresses and all the rights enumerated by Wis. Stat.  s.950.04 (1v).  The Department of Justice has developed a sample form that contains all of the elements required by this statute.  The form can be adapted for use by local agencies.


Important Note: Changes to the victims’ rights law were made during the last legislative session. The Sample Victims’ Rights Form for Law Enforcement has been updated to reflect those changes which became law on 4/27/2012. Forms downloaded from this site prior to 4/27/12 are no longer compliant with Wisconsin Stat. § 950.08(2g).


Sample Victims' Rights Form for Law Enforcement On and After 4/27/2012


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*When printing, please note that this is intended to be a two-sided form.