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Mauston Man Sentenced in Juneau County


Timothy R. Andrews Sentenced For Burglary, Delivery of Cocaine, and Other Charges
MADISON — Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced that 26-year-old Timothy R. Andrews, of 325 Tremont Street, Mauston, was sentenced yesterday in Juneau County after being found guilty of Burglary, Delivery of Cocaine, Throwing or Discharging Bodily Fluids, Disorderly Conduct, Bail Jumping, Criminal Damage to Property, and Threatening the Property of a Judge.   
Andrews was sentenced by Juneau County Circuit Court Judge John P. Roemer to eight years in prison (four years of initial confinement, four years extended supervision) for both the Burglary and Delivery of Cocaine charges; three years and six months in prison (one year and six months initial confinement, two years extended supervision) for both the Throwing or Discharging Bodily Fluids and Threatening the  Property of a Judge charges; six years in prison (three years initial confinement, three years extended supervision) for Bail Jumping; nine months in prison for the Criminal Damage to Property charge, and 90 days for Disorderly Conduct.  All of the sentences are to run concurrent to the other sentences.
The crimes occurred in fall of 2012.  Most of the crimes occurred after Andrews was taken into custody on the burglary and delivery of cocaine charges and were directed at law enforcement and the presiding judge.  The Juneau County Sheriff’s Department conducted the investigation. The charges were prosecuted by the Wisconsin Department of Justice upon the request of the Juneau County District Attorney.