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The State of Wisconsin Files an Action Against Publishers Marketing Service, Inc. for Violations of "No Call" and Direct Marketing Laws


MADISON — The State of Wisconsin has filed an enforcement lawsuit against Florida-based Publishers Marketing Service, Inc. for violations of the state’s “No Call” and direct marketing laws.


According to the complaint, which was filed on July 29, 2013, Publishers Marketing is in the business of selling magazine subscription renewals by telephone solicitation, and has made numerous calls to Wisconsin residents without registering as a telephone solicitor as required by Wisconsin law. In addition, the complaint alleges that Publishers Marketing has made numerous calls to numbers listed on Wisconsin’s “No Call” registry. The complaint further alleges that Publishers Marketing Service made misrepresentations in the course of selling magazine subscriptions, including telling customers that the price of their subscription was about to rise in order to induce a sale, when in fact the publisher was not planning to raise rates.


The case has been assigned to Dane County Circuit Court Judge Amy Smith. The State of Wisconsin is represented in this matter by Assistant Attorney General Lewis W. Beilin.


A copy of the Summons and Complaint is available here.


The complaint contains only the State’s allegations. The State bears the burden of proving the allegations.