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Watch for Wisconsin Crime Alerts While Traveling Wisconsin Roadways


Armed Robbery in Dodge County Featured on Highway Billboard


MADISON — On Friday, September 21, 2012, the Dodge County Sheriff's Department issued an alert through the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network (WCAN) to develop leads in the investigation of an armed robbery that occurred the afternoon of September 1, 2012, in the Town of Theresa. Through the WCAN's new partnership with the Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin, the alert was posted to billboard(s) in the area of the incident.


See photo.


Last month, members of the Outdoor Advertising Association of Wisconsin agreed to post selected alerts on some of their 99 digital billboards throughout the state. The alerts chosen will be targeted for specific billboards based upon their location.


“The Crime Alert Network depends on the participation of both law enforcement and those in the private sector,” Attorney General Van Hollen said. “I'm grateful to the Outdoor Advertising Association and its members for their assistance with this law enforcement effort.”


In the Town of Theresa robbery, 14 victims – including a four-year-old -- were restrained by several armed men inside of a residence. Some of the victims were injured and bound by the suspects, according to the WCAN alert.


“The Crime Alert Network is of great value and through the cooperative efforts of the Attorney General and the private sector we are able to provide critical information to the public as well as solicit information which will aid in our investigation,” Dodge County Sheriff Todd Nehls said.


The suspects took off in a late model black SUV. Investigators believe the suspects are of Mexican or Puerto Rican descent. Please see the sketches of the suspects at the links below. Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Department at (920) 386-3726.


Suspect 1


Suspect 2


With the WCAN, law enforcement officers issue alerts at no cost to them either by fax, e-mail or text message to individuals and business owners, who may enroll online to receive alerts at a cost of $12 a year. Thousands of officers across Wisconsin have been trained to use the WCAN. The Wisconsin Department of Justice has launched, as part of its Public Education Program through the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, radio and TV spots to promote the WCAN. You can watch the TV spot at the following web address: WCAN Audio and Video


To enroll or to learn more about WCAN, visit the website below: