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Oil Recycling Facility in Waukesha County Ordered to Pay $140,000 for Environmental Violations


MADISON — Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today that his office has obtained a judgment against Benz Oil, Inc., an oil recycling facility in the Village of Butler in Waukesha County. The matter involves violations by Benz Oil, Inc., of Wisconsin's Hazardous Waste Management and Remedial Action Laws.


Release of contaminants into the soil and groundwater may have significant environmental or health effects. Used oil does not readily break down and can contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


Benz Oil has revised its facility activities and is now in compliance with Wisconsin law. Benz Oil has been ordered to pay $140,000 in total forfeitures, statutory charges and costs, including $2,573 in attorney's fees.


The matter was handled by Assistant Attorney General Cynthia R. Hirsch. Judge J. Mac Davis signed the order on November 15, 2012.


Copies of the Summons and Complaint, Stipulation and Order for Judgment, and Judgment are available at the following link: