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Judge Orders Forfeitures and Monitoring in Polk County Case


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen today announced that Steven Hanson and Hanson Management have been ordered to pay $10,230 in forfeitures for depositing fill in a wetland (a pond adjacent to Horseshoe Lake) and for failing to obtain a storm water permit for construction activities disturbing more than an acre of land. Hanson was also ordered to hire an environmental consultant to monitor the site for one year for the presence of invasive species. Polk County Circuit Court Judge Molly GaleWyrick imposed the penalties on May 4, 2011, for Hanson's illegal activities.


Hanson removed a hill and trucked in rocks to fill in a 1/3-acre pond located on his property in Polk County. After neighbors complained, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) conducted an investigation and asked Hanson to remove the illegal fill. Hanson repeatedly refused to cooperate with the DNR, who then referred the matter to the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) for prosecution. Hanson refused to cooperate with the DOJ during the prosecution of this case. After litigation began, Hanson finally removed the unlawful fill.


"For the protection of Wisconsin citizens and our natural environment, the Wisconsin Department of Justice will continue to work with DNR to ensure that Wisconsin environmental laws are followed," Van Hollen said.


Hanson was found guilty in a companion criminal case in June of 2010. Assistant Attorney General Mary Batt represented the State in both cases.