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Court of Appeals Affirms Denial of Conditional Release to an Insanity Committee Who Had Murdered Two Police Officers and Committed a String of Other Crimes


MADISON - The Wisconsin Court of Appeals today affirmed the denial of Alan Adin Randall's petition for conditional release from confinement in the state's mental health institution. In 1976 a jury found Randall guilty of the first degree murder of two police officers in Waukesha County, as well as four counts of burglary and one count of operating a motor vehicle without owner's consent. Pursuant to a stipulation by the parties, he was found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect (insanity) and ordered committed to the state mental health institution. Randall filed a petition for conditional release in 2008, which the trial court denied after an evidentiary hearing. Randall's previous petitions had also been denied.


Today the court of appeals affirmed the trial court order denying Randall's request for conditional release. The court of appeals concluded the record contained sufficient credible evidence to sustain the trial court's finding that Randall continues to present a danger to himself or others based on the brutal nature of Randall's crimes, his behavior while institutionalized and the testimony of the mental health experts.


The court of appeals' decision in State v. Randall, Nos. 2009AP2779-CR; 2009AP2780-CR; 2009AP2781-CR, appears at the Court's website:


The Waukesha District Attorney's Office handled the case in the trial court. Assistant Attorney General Sally L. Wellman represented the State of Wisconsin in the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.