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Oregon Police Department Joins the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force


OREGON - The Oregon Police Department has joined the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.


“I'm excited about Oregon's participation in the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force. The Task Force continues to expand and I pledge our full support to you as we work together to make Wisconsin safer for our children,” said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.


“The Oregon Police Department is very pleased to be part of this very important law enforcement initiative that will protect our children from individuals who are laying in wait to victimize our kids at any opportunity. I want to personally thank the Attorney General for making Internet Crimes Against Children a priority focus,” said Oregon Police ChiefDougPettit.


As part of this affiliation, the Oregon Police Department is eligible for:


  • Reimbursement to help fund ICAC related expenses, including computer hardware and software;
  • Notification of and priority for sought-after ICAC related training, offered both nationally and in Wisconsin;
  • Investigative assistance from highly trained ICAC investigators and forensic computer analysts throughout the state;
  • Access to the national ICAC email group;
  • Recognition on both the Oregon Police Department's website, and on the Wisconsin Department of Justice website.


To learn more about the ICAC Task Force program at the Oregon Police Department, contact Lieutenant Karey Clark at (608) 835-3111.


This year marks the 12th anniversary of the founding of the Wisconsin Department of Justice Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. "In the past decade, Wisconsin's ICAC Task Force and Affiliate Agencies have arrested 728 suspects, executed 1,017 search warrants, and rescued countless numbers of children throughout the state," said Van Hollen.


According to Van Hollen, there are over 22,304 internet protocol addresses in Wisconsin containing and offering to distribute known images of child pornography. One in seven children are asked online to engage in sexual activities, sexual talk, or provide personal sexual information.


Van Hollen has placed a priority on law enforcement's proactive response to the growing problem of internet crimes against children. To that end, Van Hollen has directed a 67% increase in the number of special agents assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force within the Division of Criminal Investigation.


In addition to expanding investigative capacity internally, Van Hollen and the Department of Justice have continued to add additional local affiliates to the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force. The number of local law enforcement partners to the Department of Justice's ICAC Task Force has increased by more than five times to 155 since Attorney General Van Hollen took office. A list of affiliates can be accessed here.


"Let internet predators take note. Our commitment is unceasing. We will identify you, arrest you, and take you off the street; we will follow you to every area of the internet, no matter where you try to hide; and we will work together in law enforcement to stay one step ahead of you," said Van Hollen.


For more information on how your community can become an affiliate of the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force contact Special Agent in Charge Jenniffer Price at (608) 266-1671.