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Justice Posts "Frequently Asked Questions" Document to Provide Information on Wisconsin's "Concealed Carry" Law


MADISON – On July 8, 2011, Governor Walker signed 2011 Senate Bill 93 into law. Under this law, which will take effect November 1, 2011, Wisconsin residents will now have the right to carry concealed weapons upon issuance of a permit. The law, which will be primarily implemented by the Department of Justice, has raised a number of significant questions which are currently being reviewed.


In order to provide the public with timely, accurate and useful information on the Concealed Carry Law, the Department of Justice created a Concealed Carry webpage to serve as the primary conduit for providing information and guidance. The webpage can be accessed by going to the Department of Justice's homepage, and clicking on the action box titled “Concealed Carry Law.”


Today, an extensive “Frequently Asked Questions” document has been posted to the webpage to answer common questions about the Concealed Carry law.


As stated by Attorney General Van Hollen, “People wishing to take advantage of the new law are entitled to timely, accurate and helpful information. We are working hard to provide that information as soon as we are able. It is my goal to make our Concealed Carry webpage the primary source of information on this important topic.”


Members of the public and media are encouraged to use the Concealed Carry webpage for the latest information.


That document is available here.