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Adams County Sheriff's Department Joins the WI ICAC Task Force


FRIENDSHIP – The Adams County Sheriff's Department has joined the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.


"We are pleased to have you as a member of the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force and pledge our full support to you as we work together to make Wisconsin safer for our children," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

As part of this affiliation, the Adams County Sheriff's Department is eligible for:


  • Reimbursement to help fund ICAC related expenses, including computer hardware and software;
  • Notification of and priority for sought-after ICAC related training, offered both nationally and in Wisconsin;
  • Investigative assistance from highly trained ICAC investigators and forensic computer analysts throughout the state;
  • Access to the national ICAC email group;
  • Recognition on both the Adams County Sheriff's Department's website, and on the Wisconsin Department of Justice website.


“It is important that officers have the tools they need to properly investigate internet crimes and to help prevent children from becoming victims,” said Sheriff Sam Wollin. “I believe that being a part of the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force will aid our department with new investigative techniques and also increase public awareness of the potential threat to our children.”


To learn more about the ICAC Task Force program at the Adams County Sheriff's Department, contact Deputy Ryan Greeno at (608) 339-3304.


In addition to expanding investigative capacity internally, Van Hollen and the Department of Justice have continued to add additional local affiliates to the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force. The number of local law enforcement partners to the Wisconsin Department of Justice's ICAC Task Force has increased by more than five times to 167 since Attorney General Van Hollen took office. You can access a list of affiliates here.


“Let internet predators take note. Our commitment is unceasing. We will identify you, arrest you, and take you off the street; we will follow you to every area of the internet, no matter where you try to hide; and we will work together in law enforcement to stay one step ahead of you,” said Van Hollen.

For more information on how your community can become an affiliate of the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force contact Sharon Dworschak at (608) 266-1671.