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Voltz Trenching and Excavating, Inc., Is Ordered to Pay $14,827.50 for Open Burning and Asbestos Violations


MADISON - The Honorable Judge John R. Race, Walworth County Circuit Court Judge, on April 6, 2011, ordered that Voltz Trenching and Excavating, Inc. (Voltz) pay $14,827.50 in forfeitures and costs for civil asbestos violations arising from the razing and burning of a barn in the Town of Linn, Walworth County, Wisconsin. Voltz had previously stipulated to liability for the violations and the parties argued sentencing to Judge Race on April 6, 2011.


In late spring of 2009, the Town of Linn ordered Mir Co., the owner of the barn, to demolish it. After the local fire department declined to burn the barn because of asbestos in it, Voltz agreed to raze, burn, and bury the barn where it stood.


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) responded to the property in response to a citizen complaint and found the demolished barn in flames. The fire debris included asbestos-containing transite and other solid waste that should not have been burned. Voltz employees had started the fire without any local or state permits. The site was subsequently cleaned up to the DNR's satisfaction.


Mir Co., an Illinois business corporation, previously agreed and was ordered to pay forfeitures and costs totaling $17,000 for the violations.

The violations were investigated by the DNR, who referred the matter to the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Assistant Attorney General Steven Tinker represented the State.