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Van Hollen Seeks Information on Kratz Misconduct


MADISON - The Wisconsin Department of Justice has been assigned the responsibility of prosecuting the case involving Calumet County District Attorney Kenneth Kratz.  The allegations under investigation are that Kratz sent inappropriate text messages to crime victims and other persons in the course of his official duties as Calumet County District Attorney. In order to fully investigate the present allegations, or those as yet unknown, the Wisconsin Department of Justice seeks the assistance of any other persons who may have had questionable encounters in the past with Mr. Kratz.


Persons with information relating to any illegal activity, sexual harassment, or other professional misconduct by Mr. Kratz are asked to call the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation at 608-266-1671 and advise that they have information pertaining to this investigation. 


Individuals will not be required to identify themselves and will have the opportunity to discuss the extent to which information they provide may or may not be kept confidential by Department of Justice investigators.