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Department of Justice Conducts Death Investigation School


42 Officers From 42 Law Enforcement Agencies Receive Specialized Training in How to Conduct a Homicide Investigation


GREEN LAKE - Forty-two officers from forty-two different law enforcement agencies from throughout Wisconsin are spending the next two weeks learning about the techniques used in conducting a death investigation. The specialized training is a program of the Wisconsin Department of Justice and represents the 64th Session of such training.


As part of this specialized training attendees who represent law enforcement agencies from throughout Wisconsin will be trained in managing and processing a death scene, times of death and changes after death, locating buried and concealed bodies, scene searches, blood stain pattern analysis, DNA, child fatality investigations, violent crime scene analysis, deaths related to fire and explosion and conducting interviews and documenting confessions.


"Forensic evidence from crime scenes is often essential to the apprehension and successful prosecution of criminals," Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said. "Training programs like this help officers to better process crime scenes and in turn help the crime labs more efficiently process evidence."


The two-week course will include training in forensic pathology, blunt trauma, edged weapons injuries, homicide vs. suicide, examination of death scenes and case studies.


"Training is a very important part of our mission to assist local law enforcement in our mutual efforts to fight crime," Van Hollen added.


The training is conducted by agents of the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation along with Evidence/Forensic Specialists from the Wisconsin State Crime Lab.