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Testimony on Crime Alert Network Press Release


MADISON - Attorney General Van Hollen testified today in the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice in favor of a bill to create a Wisconsin Crime Alert Network.


Assembly Bill 785, authored by Representative Ann Hraychuck and Senator Jeff Plale, would authorize the Department of Justice to create and administer a Wisconsin Crime Alert Network, a program proposed by Van Hollen.  The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is a fax and email network system would enable local law enforcement to alert participating businesses of criminal activity or notify them of a missing person.  The alert can be tailored to specific types of businesses and geographic regions in order to provide the most useful information to those who are voluntary members of the network.    


The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is modeled after a similar program in Minnesota.  In 2007, information contained in a Wisconsin amber alert indicating a suspect had abducted four children in Dane County and was headed north or northwest was transmitted over the Minnesota crime alert network.  A participating hotel received the alert, and hotel staff recognized the suspect from the crime alert message when the suspect checked in to the hotel, contacted local authorities, and the children were safely recovered. 


The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network would be paid for by participating entities. 


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