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Van Hollen Applauds Enactment of Two Public Safety Laws


E-Signature Law Will Streamline Complaint Filing Process; Electronic Transfer of Driver's Photos Will Assist in Identification and Enhance Officer Safety


MADISON - Attorney General Van Hollen issued the following statement today concerning Governor Doyle's signing into law of SB 467 (allowing officers to file complaints using e-signatures) and AB 230 (allowing law enforcement to access DOT photos through the TIME system operated by the Department of Justice):


The bills signed yesterday takes advantage of modern technology to increase the effectiveness of law enforcement. 


The e-signature law is the product of input that I and many state legislators received from local law enforcement during the county law enforcement roundtables that I've participated in as Attorney General.  By allowing officer's to submit complaints to district attorneys with an e-signature, we can reduce the time that officers now must spend in busy district attorneys offices and travelling to and from those offices.  That means more time to spend on other law enforcement priorities. 


I thank Representative Hebl and Senator Jauch for attending law enforcement roundtables with me in their districts, hearing the concerns of public safety professionals, and working with my office to develop this bill that has now become law.  I also thank Governor Doyle for signing the bill into law.


When implemented, AB 230 will enable law enforcement officers to access DOT driver photos electronically and in real time.  In turn, the likelihood of misidentification will be reduced, and so too will the risks to the officer associated with misidentification.  This bill doesn't change whether law enforcement can access photos, but it does change when they get the information.  That can make all the difference in identifying a missing person or employing the proper strategies during a traffic stop or other encounter.   


I thank Representative Hraychuk and Senator Lehman for being leading this bill through the Assembly and Senate respectively and Representative Rhoades for her tireless efforts in support of this important public safety legislation.  I appreciate these legislators' willingness to work with my office to ensure the Department of Justice will be able to implement the bill effectively.  I also thank Governor Doyle for signing the bill  into law.


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