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Van Hollen Awards $23,161 to Fund NADGI Tribal Task Force


GREEN BAY - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen today announced the awarding of $23,161 in state Penalty Assessment Surcharge funds to the NADGI Tribal Task Force. The Penalty Assessment Surcharge funding is supplemented by an additional $45,458 in federal Byrne Memorial/Justice Assistance Grants through the Office of Justice Assistance.


"Drug and criminal gang related crime is a serious problem in Wisconsin.  I am pleased to help fund the NADGI Tribal Task Force on its efforts in the war on drugs," said Van Hollen.  "By combining the resources of multiple law enforcement jurisdictions, these groups are able to develop multifaceted, cooperative drug investigations."


In addition to the NADGI Tribal Task Force, these grants also fund 18 other MEG Units across the state and Assistant District Attorney positions to work on drug prosecutions in Dane, Milwaukee and St. Croix Counties.  The awards are meant to cover costs of operations in Calendar Year 2010.


Historically, the statewide MEG Units were funded largely through federal Byrne/JAG grant funding.  As those funds have seen reductions over recent years, the state developed the process of supplementing federal funding with state funding.  No taxpayer monies are used. 


For more information on all programs receiving awards, please go to: