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Van Hollen's Statement Regarding State Senate Passage of Assembly Bill 230, Relating to Electronic Access to Photographs


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen commends the State Senate for approving legislation that would enable law enforcement officers to have quicker access to driver license photos.  Assembly Bill 230 passed the State Senate by a voice vote and if enacted will allow police officers to have, solely for law enforcement purposes, real-time electronic access to photographic records stored by the Department of Transportation.


"AB 230 is supported by law enforcement statewide," explained Van Hollen, "This proposed change in state law will allow officers to have access to driver license photos instantly, on-the-scene, making officers and the public they serve safer."


State law already permits law enforcement access to driver photos through written requests, but the process takes considerable time.  Technology exists to effectuate the policy behind the current law instantaneously.  It is time for the law to permit law enforcement to take full advantage of modern technology.


"I also want to commend the authors of this legislation, Representatives Ann Hraychuck and Kitty Rhoades, and Senator John Lehman," Van Hollen said.  "This bill is one of the most important public safety proposals introduced this legislative session and I look forward to the Governor signing it into law."

Earlier this year, Van Hollen submitted testimony to the Senate Committee on Transportation , Tourism, Forestry, and Natural Resources in support of AB 230.  Here is a link to Van Hollen's written testimony:


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