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Photo of William R. Schmidt (Minocqua Death Investigation)


MINOCQUA A photo of William R. Schmidt is available at:


Mr. Schmidts physical description:


5 feet 9 inches


180 lbs.


He has brown hair and hazel eyes. His hair is close cut.


He has a large cut on his right forearm and a tatoo of a large Eagle/bird on his left forearm.


The Wisconsin Department of Justice and the Minocqua Police Department are currently attempting to locate William R. Schmidt (birthdate 07'13'70). Mr. Schmidt is a white male who was last known to be in the Chicago area. Mr. Schmidt is believed to be driving a Brown 2001 Ford Escape with Illinois License Plate # H686947. This vehicle was reported stolen by its owner at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 21.


This is a current and ongoing joint investigation of the Minocqua Police Department, the Oneida County Sheriffs Office and the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Anyone with information on Mr. Schmidts whereabouts is asked to contact the Minocqua Police Department at (715) 356'3234 or their local police department.


 Further media inquiries are being referred to Bill Cosh at the Wisconsin Department of Justice at (608) 266'1221. Additional information will be released as it becomes available.