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Police Looking for Javious Thicklen, Jaleiah Thicklen and Katera Thicklen


MILWAUKEE - The Wisconsin Department of Justice has issued an Amber Alert for the Milwaukee Police Department. Milwaukee Police are asking for your help to locate three missing children who are believed to be with their mother, Lavatta Smith. We have reason to believe that these children could be in danger and are seeking to locate the children and their mother as soon as possible.


Lavatta Smith and her children were last seen in the 6100 block of W. Baldwin Street. They were discovered missing during a fire investigation at their residence.


Missing are:


34 year old mother
Lavatta SMITH 
physical description: 5'04", 220lbs, mdium complexion, curly wig, shaved head. Last seen wearing leopard shirt, beige pants, black sandals. 


9 year old son
physical description: 4'00", 70lbs, short natural hair.  Last seen wearing a short sleeve brown t-shirt


7 year old daughter
physical description: 4'00", 70lbs, hair in french braids (one on each side of head).  Last seen wearing a blue jean skirt.


 4 year old daughter
physical description: 3'06", 45lbs, hair in french braids (one on each side of head). Last seen wearing a purple shirt and purple pants.


SMITH maybe driving in a dark purple 1996 Ford Taurus bearing Wisconsin plates 234-GXG.


Additional information on the Amber Alert program can be found at Wisconsin's Amber Alert has been activated 18 times resulting in the successful recovery of 23 children.


Please contact the Milwaukee Police Department's Sensitive Crimes Division at (414) 935-7402 with any information regarding these individuals.


All media calls should be directed to Annie Schwartz at the Milwaukee Police Department at (414) 935-7209.