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Van Hollen Awards Red Cliff Chippewa $85,995 in Tribal Law Enforcement Grants


WASHBURN - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen today announced the awarding of $85,995 in state Tribal Law Enforcement Grants to the Red Cliff Chippewa.  The grant program is designed to assist with the unique law enforcement challenges on Native American lands in Wisconsin.


"This grant program has helped tribes enhance law enforcement efforts on tribal lands," said Van Hollen.   "This funding will assist Native American communities in reducing gang, drug and violent crime which have been particularly vexing problems for tribes in recent years."


The grant program funds a variety of law enforcement services to Native American communities across Wisconsin.  Grants have been used for the costs of law enforcement personnel, patrol, investigation, body armor and uniforms, crime prevention, and information technology.  Awards have also funded law enforcement training, communications equipment, armories, community programs and emergency/rescue equipment.  A majority of the grants fund tribal police department personnel costs. 


Grant awards are allocated using a formula consisting of three criteria:  Native American population; county crime rate; and tribal unemployment rate.  This year's funding of nine programs represents the largest number of tribal plans funded in the four years that the Wisconsin Department of Justice has administered the program.


For a list of all programs receiving Calendar Year 2010 awards, please go to:


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