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Van Hollen Applauds Wisconsin Senate's Passage of E-Signature Bill


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued the following statement regarding the passage of the E-signature Bill, Senate Bill 467, by the Wisconsin State Senate:

At law enforcement roundtables I held around the state, I repeatedly heard law enforcement officials' desire to find ways to eliminate unnecessary tasks and maximize officer time on the streets.  This bill does that by making the process for filing a criminal complaint more efficient. 

I commend the Wisconsin State Senate for passing the e-signature bill on a voice vote, and I thank Senator Bob Jauch for joining me at many county roundtables, authoring this bill and working with my office to turn this simple concept into legislation, and shepherding the bill through the Senate. 

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Additional Background


A copy of Attorney General Van Hollen's recent guest column on this legislation can be found here.


An Assembly companion bill authored by Representative Gary Hebl, Assembly Bill 685, passed unanimously out of the Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Ethics earlier this week.