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Thomas Zoesch Charged on Two Counts of Sexual Assault, Intimidation of a Victim and Battery


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today that an Outagamie County man has been charged with two counts of second degree sexual assault, intimidation of a victim and battery. Attorney Thomas Zoesch, 64, of 3221 North Mistwood Lane, Appleton, appeared before Outagamie County Circuit Court Commissioner Brian Figy for an initial appearance and a bond hearing today.


According to the Department of Justice Criminal Complaint, Zoesch sexually assaulted a woman who was a client that he developed a relationship with while representing her in divorce proceedings.  Late in the evening of February 14, Zoesch called the victim and stated that he had been hurt badly as a result of a vehicular incident and that he needed her help.  When she came to his residence he repeatedly assaulted her, although she physically tried to stop him and was crying.  Zoesch also told the victim that he would knock her teeth out if she tried to leave and used physical force against her. 


When the victim talked about reporting Zoesch's conduct to the police, Zoesch attempted to dissuade her from doing so.  He claimed that because of his relationships with the police, his position as an attorney and a commissioner that nothing would happen to him.  Further, he claimed that he would be believed and that the victim would not be believed and if she reported the incident to the police, he would make her look very bad and that he would make the police think that she was crazy.


The victim left and Zoesch later went to her residence where he battered her, causing visible injuries. Zoesch was arrested at the residence.


If convicted on all charges, Zoesch faces a maximum of 81.5 years imprisonment and $70,000.00 in fines.


Zoesch has a presumption of innocence on these charges, unless and until such time that he is proven guilty in a court of law.


Assistant Attorneys General Eric Defort and Dennis Krueger represent the state in this prosecution.