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DOJ Employees Recognized by Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program


MADISON - Two Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) Employees were recently recognized by the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program for their work in identifying a more cost effective manner to print a DOJ publication used extensively by local law enforcement.


The Wisconsin Department of Justice had revised their Physical Evidence Handbook which is utilized by local law enforcement officers throughout the state. Kim Vonnahme, a senior forensic scientist at the State Crime Lab in Wausau and Laura Hood, an administrative & program support assistant at the State Crime Lab in Wausau evaluated  the printing options, and discovered that the printing option through the State Contract was substantially higher than was available through other printers.


Kim and Laura proceeded to obtain the necessary quotes and approval from the Department of Administration to use other than the contract vendor. By doing so, they saved the Department of Justice $5,810 in printing costs and also saved local law enforcement agencies $2.50/copy for each handbook that will be purchased.


"I want to recognize and thank Kim and Laura for their dedication, hard work and their focus on improving the quality of state government operations," said Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "Kim and Laura are dedicated professionals who are committed to public service and who care deeply about the work of the Wisconsin Department of Justice.

Additional information on the Wisconsin Employee Suggestion Program is available at