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Van Hollen Announces Victory in Howard Ross v. University of Wisconsin Board of Regents


Former Dean Drops Suit Pays $1,000 in Costs

MADISON -  Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today the settlement of a case brought by Howard Ross against the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents. Under the terms of the settlement, Ross agreed to drop his suit and pay the State $1,000.00 to recover some of the costs it incurred defending itself against his suit.


"I am pleased with this result," Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said today commenting on the victory. "For the better part of a week our lawyers put on a good case and the outcome speaks for itself," the Attorney General went on.


Howard Ross brought suit against the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents claiming racial discrimination motivated his demotion from a dean's position in 2006. The University argued that its personnel decision was based on an audit that showed Ross had repeatedly violated University travel and procurement policies.


University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly said, "My thanks to the Attorney General and his staff for their hard work defending the University's lawful actions. This affirms that our UW-Whitewater colleagues acted properly in their efforts to enforce financial policies. Taxpayers and students expect us to be good stewards of their money, and that's an obligation we take very seriously."


Assistant Attorneys General Ned Sahar and Duane Harlow handled this case on behalf of the University.