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Wisconsin Crime Victims Council Elects Officers


MADISON - The Wisconsin Crime Victims Council recently held its first meeting of the year and elected officers.


The Wisconsin Crime Victims Council is a 15-member body that serves as an advisory body to the Attorney General.  Of the fifteen members, ten are citizen appointees, two represent organizations that provide victim services, and one each represents law enforcement, district attorneys and the judiciary.


Deborah Jordahl of Middleton was elected to serve as the Chair of the Crime Victims Council. Menomonee Falls Police Chief Anna M. Ruzinski was elected to serve as the Vice Chair of the Council. Jennifer L. Noyes of the Institute for the Research on Poverty was elected to serve as the Secretary of the Council.


"The Council has been diligently at work on important statewide concerns," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "I look forward to the forthcoming contributions of all Crime Victim Council members and appreciate their willingness to serve on behalf of Wisconsin's crime victims."


Since its inception, the Council has concentrated its efforts on furthering the rights of crime victims. The Council was instrumental in the creation and passage of laws that give victims of crime special rights. It has also worked to help criminal justice professionals fulfill their duties to implement those victims' rights laws by providing sample materials, training and education. In addition, the Council annually sponsors the state crime victims' ceremony, which is held in April during National Crime Victims Rights Week.


The Council meets quarterly in Madison and meetings are open to the public. For further information about the Council, please visit the Department of Justice website at