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Anthony J. Hollen of Hayward Charged with 10 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography


HAYWARDOn 09/21/2010, at approximately 8:45 a.m., Agents from the Wisconsin Department of Justice – Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) executed a search warrant at 12805W Neezh Street, Hayward, WI. Agents seized, among other items, two laptop computers. Officers from the Sawyer County Sheriff's Office simultaneously executed a search warrant at 9316N Drytown Lane, Hayward, WI.


Law enforcement interviewed two of the occupants at the Neezh St. address who both stated that a third occupant, not home at the time, Anthony Hollen, was the only person in the residence who used the Internet. Law enforcement received information that Hollen was at a residence located at 11660W CR-CC, Couderay, WI. Agents proceeded to the Couderay residence. Shortly after their arrival, law enforcement located Hollen.


According to the criminal complaint, Hollen was interviewed and admitted downloading and viewing approximately 50 child pornography images and/or videos via an-online software file sharing program, using the two laptop computers at 12805W Neezh Street, Hayward. An analysis of the computer hard drives revealed in excess of 25 images of child pornography and in excess of five videos of child pornography.


Mr. Hollen was arrested and charged with 10 Counts of Possession of Child Pornography.


Questions concerning this case should be directed to the Sawyer County District Attorney's Office.


A defendant enjoys the presumption of innocence. The prosecution must prove its allegations at trial beyond a reasonable doubt.


A copy of the criminal complaint is available at


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