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Judge Upholds No Wake Ordinance on Wolf River


Administrative Law Judge Upholds Ordinance Enacting a No Wake Zone



TOWN OF WOLF – Ruling from the bench this morning, the Honorable Barbara Hart Key, Branch 3 of the Winnebago County Circuit Court upheld a previous Administrative Law Judge decision in the case of Tri-County Powerboat Alliance v. Department of Natural Resources and Town of Wolf River. That decision upheld the Town of Wolf River ordinance regarding the enactment of a no wake zone at certain times (weekends and holidays) and in specific areas of the Wolf River. The no wake ordinance was enacted by the Town of Wolf River’s board for safety reasons.


Richard Carlson appeared for the plaintiff Tri-County Powerboat Alliance.  Robert Wertsch appeared on behalf of the defendant, the Town of Wolf River. Cynthia Hirsch appeared for the State on behalf of the defendant the Department of Natural Resources.


A copy of the State’s brief in the case is available at:


2010 file: