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Van Hollen Applauds Passage of Bill by WI State Assembly That Would Facilitate the Collection of DNA From Convicted Offenders


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen issued the following passage of Senate Bill 631 in the State Assembly: 


I applaud the Wisconsin State Assembly on the passage of Senate Bill 631, an important piece of public safety legislation.  I would especially like to thank State Representatives Tony Staskunas and Garey Bies for their leadership on this legislation in the Assembly.   


DNA analysis can lead to the identification and successful prosecution of offenders even in cases that are otherwise without leads.  This bill can assist all of us in continuing to improve the Department of Justice Crime Lab DNA data bank and strengthen crime fighting in this state. This bill strengthens the law with respect to the data bank and creates a process to compel offenders who have failed to fulfill their legal obligations to submit DNA specimens to the data bank.  It increases public safety in Wisconsin


I look forward to the Governor signing this important public safety legislation into law and working with the Department of Justice's law enforcement partners on its successful implementation. 



A copy of Attorney General Van Hollen's written testimony on the bill, which contains additional detail about the bill, is available at the bottom of the page.


A copy of the Attorney General's letter to Department of Corrections Secretary Raemisch describing the legal obligations of convicted offenders to provide biological specimens under current law can be found at the bottom of the page.


A copy of Attorney General Van Hollen's letter to Governor Doyle and the Wisconsin Legislature regarding the elimination of the backlog of DNA evidence at the State Crime Laboratories can be found at: