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Van Hollen Applauds Wisconsin State Assembly Passage of School Safety Bill


MADISON - Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen issued the following statement upon passage of Senate Bill 154 in the State Assembly:


I applaud the Wisconsin State Assembly on the passage of Senate Bill 154.   


Information-sharing is a key public safety tool.  This bill will encourage schools to appropriately share information, remove existing barriers to sharing safety-related information, and require the criminal justice system share certain information with schools.     


I believe this bill moves the law in the right direction and will enhance school safety, thus contributing to the education and well-being of our kids and communities. 





In September 2008, Van Hollen testified before the Special Committee on School Safety and offered versions of the proposals which are contained in the bill that relate to information sharing. 


In 2007, Van Hollen participated in a nationwide task force of State Attorneys General formed to study and report on campus and school safety issues.


Van Hollen's testimony to the Senate Committee on Education, Van Hollen's testimony to the Special Committee on School Safety proposing changes to state law relating to sharing information, Task Force's report, and The Department of Justice's Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual are available at: