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WI Crime Alert Network Bill Passes Assembly Criminal Justice Committee


MADISON - Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen issued the following statement regarding the passage of Assembly Bill 785 in the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice:


I applaud the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice for the passage of Assembly Bill 785, public safety legislation authorizing the creation of the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network at the Wisconsin Department of Justice.  I would especially like to thank Representatives Ann Hraychuck and Garey Bies for authoring this piece of legislation.


This legislation, if signed into law, would authorize the Wisconsin Department of Justice to implement and operate the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network.  The fax and email network system would enable local law enforcement to alert participating businesses of criminal activity or notify them of a missing person.  The alert can be tailored to specific types of businesses and geographic regions in order to provide the most useful information to those who are voluntary members of the network.  


Public safety should be the number one priority for state and local governments.  The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is an example of creative thinking that allows us to achieve public safety goals efficiently and effectively without creating new tax burdens, especially while state and local governments face budget shortfalls.  We can solve more crimes, prevent more criminal activity and safely recover more endangered missing children and adults - all without raising taxes or imposing involuntary fees.


I look forward to passage by the Wisconsin State Assembly.