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A.G. Van Hollen Applauds Wisconsin State Assembly on Passage of Assembly Resolution 15


MADISON - Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen released the following statement on today's Wisconsin State Assembly action as it relates to Assembly Resolution 15 which grants the Attorney General authority to appear as amicus curiae in Otis McDonald, et al. v. City of Chicago, Illinois, which is currently pending before the United States Supreme Court. 


"The McDonald case will determine whether the Second Amendment right to bear arms under the Federal Constitution limits the ability of states and local governments to regulate firearms.  Today, at my request, the State Assembly took prompt action to pass a resolution that authorizes me to file a brief with the Supreme Court to advocate for a broad reading of the Second Amendment that will guarantee the right to keep and bear arms and prevent states and/or local governments from unwarranted intrusion into these rights.  The United States Supreme Court announced on September 30, 2009, it would hear the McDonald case."


"Last year, after granted permission by the State Assembly, I filed an amicus brief in the landmark case of District of Columbia v. Heller.  This case recognized the rights guaranteed under the Second Amendment.  However, the case revolved around the actions of the government of the District of Columbia, a federal entity.  The Supreme Court did not decide on whether this right would apply to states and local governments.  McDonald v. City of Chicago focuses on the rights of the people as it relates to intrusions by state and local governments."


"The Second Amendment protects a critical and fundamental individual right.  Our founders recognized this essential freedom when they adopted the Bill of Rights.  The people of Wisconsin recognize this essential freedom.  Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly has allowed me to make sure the citizens of Wisconsin are heard."