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Van Hollen Discusses Impact Of Governor's Budget On Public Safety With Wisconsineye


MADISON - "Public safety needs to be our priority," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen when he sat down this morning with WisconsinEye to discuss the impact Governor Doyle's proposed budget will have on public safety.


"The area that we think is most vulnerable, that we are not going to cut is our Internet Crimes Against Children program," said Van Hollen. "If we don't exist to protect our children it is embarrassing that we'd fund anything else. Protecting those who can't protect themselves from a horrible crime is the number one thing we should do."


 When asked what his priorities would be if he was charged with balancing the current state budget, Van Hollen said "Public Safety, education and infrastructure." "Education is hollow without a safe environment to learn in," said Van Hollen who went on to discuss how the Chancellor at UW-Madison has prioritized public safety when it comes to the decisions she has had to make in managing the UW's  budget to enable the university to fulfill its mission.


When asked if he would raise taxes to balance the current state budget Van Hollen said "I would not raise taxes. Absolutely not." Van Hollen indicated that when it comes to the state budget he was very concerned that the budget would be balanced by taxing more and through the use of federal stimulus dollars, rather than by prioritizing and then making cuts.


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