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Wisconsin Department Of Justice Conducts Terrorism Liason Officer's Training


162 Terrorism Liaison Officers Receive Training


MADISON - The Wisconsin Department of Justice recently completed its second Terrorism Liaison Officer's (TLO) training. 101 new TLO's participated in the initial certification course and 61 existing TLO's received in-service training. TLO's are local fire fighters, EMS, police, county emergency managers and National Guard personnel. The training took place at Volk Field.


"Preparing our public service and law enforcement partners in how to prevent, prepare and respond to criminal and terrorist threats is an important part of our mission at the Department of Justice," said Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "Silos of information aren't acceptable in the public safety world and the TLO program is a great program to enhance information sharing and cooperation."


The TLO Program was created to form a regional partnership capable of a coordinated and focused response to acts of crime and terrorism, based on information assessments and detailed planning. The TLO program provides for one or more points of contact with partner agencies to act as conduits for information and intelligence to and form the Wisconsin Statewide Information Center (WSIC). The effective and timely analysis of credible intelligence information depends heavily on the capabilities of each TLO and support from their agencies. Each TLO is trained on current terrorism and crime issues, trend analysis and proper protocols for receiving or forwarding information collected by field personnel.


The basic school is a set of 10 presentations, the core of which is prepared by the Department of Homeland Security. Regional content is added. The inservice training included a briefing on Domestic Terrorism by the Department of Homeland Security and a presentation on the state's new Critical Infrastructure Assessment system.


"We exist to assist is a motto that the Wisconsin Department of Justice lives by," said Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen. "Often, people do not realize the wide range of highly specialized, highly technical training that we provide to the members of Wisconsin's law enforcement and emergency service community. We are honored to partner with members of Wisconsin's law enforcement and emergency services as we work to enhance our state's security."


The Wisconsin Statewide Information Center (WSIC) was formed after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security mandated establishment of intelligence fusion centers in every state. The WSIC serves as the primary intelligence gathering and information sharing entity for the State of Wisconsin, working with state, local, military and federal agencies. The WSIC produces intelligence briefings for the Governor, Attorney General, Adjutant General and all law enforcement officials throughout Wisconsin. WSIC also serves as the Wisconsin liaison for INTERPOL, which promotes mutual assistance among international law enforcement authorities in the prevention of international crimes.