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Marinette Man Convicted of Homicide Charge


MARINETTE - Joe Evans Jr., a 44-year old Marinette, Wisconsin man was sentenced by the Honorable Tim Duket of the Marinette County Circuit Court on December 1, 2009 to life imprisonment without the possibility of supervised release for the first degree intentional homicide of Dina Evans.


Evans was also given the maximum 9 month sentence of incarceration for intentionally causing criminal damage to the property of Dina Evans, which sentence was ordered to run concurrent with his life sentence. Evans was also ordered to make restitution to the sisters of Dina Evans to recompense them for the cost of funeral and burial expenses of Dina Evans, which is to be paid from any prison wages or other money that Evans might acquire while in prison.


During the sentencing both of Dina Evans' sisters addressed the court and one of her daughters. In pronouncing his sentence, Judge Duket said that Evans was, "A cold blooded murderer...selfish and...dishonest."


Evans had been found guilty of both counts as hey had been charged and presented to the jury on September 24, 2009. The jury comprised of Marinette county residents deliberated a couple hours before finding Evans guilty of intentionally causing the death of Dina Evans and intentionally damaging her property. At both the trial and at the sentencing the State was represented by Assistant Attorney General David Wambach.