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Thirty Second Television and Radio Spots to Air Over Next Four Weeks As Part of Wisconsin Broadcasters Associations Public Education Program


MADISON Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced the second phase of a public education campaign warning parents about the danger of online sex predators. The public education campaign involves the airing of television and radio spots throughout Wisconsin in conjunction with the Wisconsin Broadcasters Associations Public Education Program. The campaign supplements the Department of Justices ongoing efforts to educate communities, parents, and children about the dangers of online predators.


According to Van Hollen, there are over 15,000 internet protocol addresses in Wisconsin containing and offering to distribute known images of child pornography. One in seven children are asked by an adult online to engage in sexual activities, sexual talk, or provide personal sexual information.


The Attorney General has placed a priority on law enforcements proactive response to the growing problem of internet crimes against children. He has directed a 67% increase in the number of special agents assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force within the Division of Criminal Investigation. In addition to expanding investigative capacity internally, Van Hollen and the Department of Justice have continued to add additional local affiliates to the Wisconsin ICAC Task Force. The number of local law enforcement partners to the Department of Justices ICAC Task Force is 56, more than twice the number as when Van Hollen took office.


Although the Department of Justice has continued to strengthen its investigative capacity, Van Hollen says that internet safety begins at home. The public education campaign is designed to encourage parents to more actively engage their children and watch their childrens online behavior. The danger of victimization, physical violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and mental health implications require parents to continue the dialogue with their children and monitor activities both on-and off-line, Van Hollen said. This public education program highlights this necessity.


To see the television spots and to hear the radio spots, please visit the Department of Justices home page at:


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