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27 Officers from 25 Different Law Enforcement Agencies Receive Specialized Training in Crime Scene Management and Trace Evidence Gathering


MADISON - Twenty-Seven officers from 25 different law enforcement agencies from throughout Southeastern Wisconsin this week completed a Department of Justice sponsored Basic Evidence Technician School.


As part of this specialized training attendees who represented law enforcement agencies from throughout Southeastern Wisconsin were trained in the proper procedures to gather trace evidence, how to process a crime scene, drug identification, photographing a crime scene, fingerprinting, crime scene management and gathering evidence for DNA analysis.


"Forensic evidence from crime scenes is often essential to the apprehension and successful prosecution of criminals," Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said. "Training programs like this help officers to better process crime scenes and in turn help the crime labs more efficiently process evidence.


The week long event includes over 24 hours of hands-on practical exercises on how to process a crime scene.


"Training is a very important part of our mission to assist local law enforcement in our mutual efforts to fight crime," Van Hollen added.


The specialized training is offered twice a year and is generally open to one officer per agency. Larger departments may receive two slots. As part of the course attendees receive crime scene processing kits at the completion of the course. There is no charge to local law enforcement agencies for the training.


The Evidence Technician School is being co-hosted by the Department of Justices' Crime Labs and Training and Standards Bureau along with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. The school was held at the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Training Academy.