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19 New DNA Analysts Recognized for Completing Training Program


MADISON - Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today the opening of the new DNA analysis lab space in the State Crime Lab in Madison.

"When I became Attorney General, I knew that there was nothing I could do more to promote public safety and support local law enforcement than getting rid of the enormous DNA backlog," said Van Hollen. "Just eighteen months ago the Wisconsin Crime Lab was awash in an ever increasing backlog. Cases were coming in twice as fast as they were being worked."


"As of the end of last month, the backlog that had been growing out of control actually shrunk by almost 150 cases since I took office," said Van Hollen. "We are keeping up with incoming cases, and then some by increasing efficiency."


In May the State Crime Labs in Madison and Milwaukee completed 321 DNA cases, more than any other month in the history of the state crime lab and more than three times what was being done during an average month in 2006. "We're setting records, and we will set more," said Van Hollen.


Today 19 new DNA analysts completed their rigorous year-long training and certification program. "I welcome these new analysts to the active fight against crime," said Van Hollen. "They are dedicated to public service, and through their dedication to science, objectivity and integrity they are serving justice."


The recruitment and training itself is a remarkable accomplishment. Never before had Wisconsin recruited so many forensic analysts to start at one time. "To our knowledge, no other state or public forensic laboratory in the country has trained this many new analysts at once," said Van Hollen.


The new analysts will begin working on DNA analysis cases in the new lab space by the end of the week.