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Dane Breheim Ordered to Pay $5,220 for Violating Laws Prohibiting Open Burning of Solid Waste


MADISON - A Jackson County man who knowingly violated the law by disposing of a mobile home by burning it has been ordered to pay a monetary penalty. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said today that under the terms of the default judgment order entered by the Court, Dane C. Breheim must pay a total of $5,220 in penalties, attorney fees and costs.


The civil lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) alleges that Dane Breheim was hired by a Jackson County man, Bernard Mitchell, to demolish the burnt remnants of a mobile home on property where Mitchell lived. The complaint alleges that Breheim began to dismantle the home and then set it on fire. This fire was extinguished, but Breheim came back the next day and burned the rest of the home. When it was burned, the trailer home contained metal, plastic, furniture, trash, a refrigerator, a water heater, a television antenna, an air conditioning unit, carpet, carpet pad, a mattress pad, plastic toys, and other household/building debris.


Wisconsin law prohibits the open burning of plastic, rubber, asphalt, garbage and other substances that produce harmful emissions. State law also prohibits the incineration of solid waste without a license. Breheim possessed no licenses to dispose of waste through open burning.


The Department of Justice filed the lawsuit at the request of the Department of Natural Resources. Assistant Attorney General Diane L. Milligan prosecuted the case. Jackson County Circuit Judge Gerald W. Laabs found Breheim in default and issued the order setting the judgment amount.