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MADISON - Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen appeared this morning before the Senate Committee on Small Business, Emergency Preparedness, Workforce Development, Technical Colleges and Consumer Protection to testify in support of important public safety legislation that would authorize the creation of the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network.


If authorized, the Department of Justice will implement the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network. The Network will be a fax and email system that enables local law enforcement to alert participating businesses of criminal activity or notify them of a missing person. The alert can be tailored to specific types of businesses and geographic regions in order to provide the most useful information to those who are most likely affected by that crime and those who have information that could lead to the arrest of a suspect or the safe recovery of a missing child.


"By providing appropriate information to private citizens about criminal activity, law enforcement increases its eyes and ears, resulting in more suspects being caught and more missing children being recovered." said Van Hollen.


The program would be paid for through fees charges to private members who voluntarily participate.


"I strongly believe that the primary reason state and local government exists is for public safety," Van Hollen said. "State spending of tax dollars should reflect that priority. Budget shortfalls are not an excuse to underfund budget priorities, but rather an opportunity to reexamine what it is we believe government should do and spend limited resources accordingly. Budget shortfalls also serve as a reminder that we should always think creatively about how we can achieve our goals efficiently, without creating new tax burdens. The Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is an example of that creative thinking. We can solve more crimes, prevent more criminal activity, and safely recover more endangered missing children and adults - all without raising taxes or imposing involuntary fees."


A fact sheet about the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network is available on the Wisconsin Department of Justice website here: