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Watertown Police Department, Department of Justices Division of Criminal Investigation and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Bust Clandestine Ecstasy Lab


WATERTOWN - On December 17, 2008 the Watertown Police Department discovered a major clandestine drug lab at 504 Grey Fox Run in the City of Watertown engaged in the production of Ecstasy.


The Wisconsin Department of Justice-Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) along with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration responded to a request for assistance from the Watertown Police Department regarding the clandestine laboratory that was discovered in the City of Watertown. The clandestine lab was discovered when a Watertown Police Squad responded to a report of a domestic disturbance at a single family home.


While investigating the domestic disturbance, the officer came upon a collection of materials inside of the home that led the officer to believe that the materials may part of a clandestine lab. The occupants of the home were evacuated and at least one person from the home was detained.


Agents from DCI, a chemist from the Wisconsin Department of Justices Crime Laboratory, along with clandestine lab technicians from the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Milwaukee Police Department processed and examined the contents of the lab. During the processing of the lab, some of the residents in the immediate area of the residence were evacuated for several hours due to the explosive potential of volatile chemicals found within the lab. The Watertown Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services assisted in the operation.


Law enforcement continues to investigate the findings of the lab.


All media inquiries should be directed to Capt. Curt Kleppin of the Watertown Police Department at (920) 261-6660.