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Lawsuit Alleges Dane County Window Retailer of Using Misleading "100% Rebate" Scheme to Sell Its Window Products


MADISON †Dane County retailer Kool View Co., Inc., has been unlawfully using misleading representations to sell its window products, according to allegations in a civil lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said that his office filed the consumer protection lawsuit today in Dane County Circuit Court. Kool View is located at 4920 Triangle Street, McFarland, Wisconsin.


Kool View promotes the purchase of certain models of its high-end replacement windows by offering a "100% Window Rebate Program," under which consumers allegedly can receive 100% of the purchase back in a rebate four years after the sale, if they participate in an "energy field study." According to the suit filed in Dane County Circuit Court, the promise of a 100% rebate is misleading, since the funds set aside to pay the rebates comprise only a small percentage of the total promised rebates and very few, if any, rebate holders have any hope of obtaining their full rebates.


The lawsuit also alleges that the "energy field study" is merely a pretense to make the rebate look legitimate, but that contrary to Kool View's representations, participation in a study is not a prerequisite to obtaining a rebate.


Kool View advertises the rebate program through a variety of means, including radio and newspaper advertisements, flyers, door-to-door solicitations, and through its website.


Consumers who feel that they may have been harmed by Kool View's representations are encouraged to call the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) at 608-224-4953 or 800-422-7128.


The case was investigated and referred to the Department of Justice by DATCP. The state is seeking an injunction prohibiting Kool View from further marketing of the rebate program, as well as forfeitures for violations of Wisconsin consumer protection laws and restitution for injured Wisconsin consumers. The suit has been assigned to Dane County Circuit Court Judge Steven Ebert. The State is being represented by Assistant Attorneys General Lara Sutherlin and John Greene.