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Statement by Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen in Response to Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau Report 07-9, "An Evaluation of State Prosecutor Positions"


In its timely evaluation of the allocation of state prosecutor positions, the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau indicates that the weighted caseload formula used to determine prosecutors' office staffing shows that district attorney offices across the state are significantly understaffed.


The effect of insufficient staffing results in slower processing of criminal caseloads, added burdens on prosecutors and, when combined with compensation issues, has an adverse effect on recruitment and retention of the public servants who are critical in ensuring public safety.


The Wisconsin Department of Justice will continue to offer assistance to district attorney offices, not only with prosecutions but also by providing legal guidance and other informal assistance.


For the betterment of Wisconsin's justice system and the citizens we serve, I urge the Department of Administration and the Legislature to consider the recommendations in the Audit Bureau's evaluation.