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Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen Announces Westwood Aluminum Castings Inc., Agrees To Pay $45,000 In Settlement Over Storm-water Pollution


MADISON - Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today that the Wisconsin Department of Justice has filed and settled an environmental enforcement lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court against Westwood Aluminum Castings, Inc., for its violation of Wisconsin's industrial storm-water laws.


Westwood Aluminum operates an aluminum foundry in the City of Waukesha at 1242 Lincoln Avenue. The foundry fabricates aluminum products.


Under the applicable general storm-water permit issued by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Westwood Aluminum is required to prepare, amend, and carry out a storm-water pollution prevention plan. It was required to keep its plan at its Waukesha facility and produce it when asked to do so. Westwood Aluminum was also required to monitor its storm-water discharges and inspect for storm-water violations.


According to the state's complaint, Westwood Aluminum failed to prepare a storm-water prevention plan that met the minimum legal standards, failed to amend its plan as required, failed to carry out its plan, failed to keep it on file at its site, failed to inspect and monitor its storm-water discharges, and failed to report on its storm water inspecting and monitoring as required by law.


Under the settlement agreement, which the Waukesha County Circuit Court has adopted as its judgment in this case, Westwood Aluminum must investigate to determine the effects of its past storm-water spills at its site. In addition, Westwood Aluminum agrees to pay a total of $45,000 in forfeitures, surcharges, and costs for its violations of Wisconsin environmental laws. This $45,000 amount may be reduced to $30,000 if Westwood Aluminum carries out an acceptable supplemental environmental project improving Westwood Aluminum's storm-water operations over-and-above what is required by law.


"Wisconsin law requires that industrial operations properly manage their storm-water runoff," Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said. "The law requires industrial operations to apply for, obtain, and comply with the appropriate Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources permit for controlling storm-water runoff. The Wisconsin Department of Justice will continue to work with DNR to ensure that Wisconsin's natural resources are protected through compliance with the law."


The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources investigated this case and referred it to the Wisconsin Department of Justice asking that an environmental enforcement case be brought against Westwood Aluminum in Waukesha County Circuit Court. Wisconsin Assistant Attorney General Philip Peterson represented the state. Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Mark S. Gempeler approved the settlement.