Division of Management Services

Benefits Information for New Employees


Please refer to the benefits letter provided to you for the benefit eligibility, enrollment deadlines and premiums that are specific to you.


Please return your completed application forms to:

Human Resources Office

17 W. Main Street, Room 807

Madison, WI 53703


Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS)

Your Benefit Handbook

ETF Beneficiary Form (WI Retirement and State Group Life) Submit this form directly to ETF per the instructions on the form. Do not submit to Payroll.

WRS Website

WRS Variable Fund Brochure

WRS Variable Fund Application


Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program (457 Plan)

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Website

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Brochure

Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program Application

WI Deferred Compensation Beneficiary Designation (Great West). Submit this form directly to the vendor per the instructions on the form. Do not submit to Payroll.


Health Insurance

2014 It’s Your Choice Website

2014 It’s Your Choice Decision Guide Booklet

2014 It’s Your Choice Reference Guide Booklet


myETF Benefits Please sign up for coverage online, unless directed otherwise.

myETF Benefits Instructions and Help Information


Pharmacy Benefits Manager Navitus Website

Domestic Partner Benefit / Eligibility Information


State Group Life Insurance

Life Insurance Website

State Group Life Insurance Booklet

Life Insurance Application


Income Continuation Insurance (ICI)

Income Continuation Insurance Website

Income Continuation Insurance Booklet

Income Continuation Insurance Application


Employee Reimbursement Account (ERA)

Employee Reimbursement Account Website

2014 Employee Reimbursement Account Booklet

2014 ERA Application


Commuter Benefits

Commuter Benefits Program Website

Commuter Benefits Brochure

Commuter Benefits Enrollment Please sign up online after your first day of employment. If you need guidance, please contact a Payroll and Benefits Specialist.


Dental, Excess Medical, Vision, and Accidental Life Insurance

2014 EPIC Website

2014 Benefits+ Brochure

2014 Benefits+ Application


Dental Insurance

Anthem DentalBlue Website

Anthem DentalBlue Brochure

Anthem DentalBlue Application


Vision Insurance

VSP Website

VSP Brochure

VSP Application


Aflac Accident Advantage Plus

Aflac Website

Aflac Brochure

Aflac Application


Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Website

Accidental Death and Dismemberment (The Hartford)

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Application


Long Term Care Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance Website


College Savings