Division of Law Enforcement Services (DLES)

The Division of Law Enforcement Services provides technical and scientific assistance to state and local law enforcement agencies, administers law enforcement recruitment and training standards, and acts as a criminal information reporting and exchange center.  The Division publishes a monthly Law Enforcement Bulletin, which is disseminated statewide to criminal justice agencies.


The Division is organized into four Bureaus: the Crime Information Bureau; the Crime Laboratory Bureau with facilities in Madison, Milwaukee, and Wausau; the Justice Information and Analysis Bureau, and the Training and Standards Bureau.


The Crime Information Bureau is responsible for managing four state-wide programs: the Transaction Information for the Management of Enforcement (TIME) System; state criminal history repository, Handgun Hotline and concealed carry licenses / certifications.


The Crime Laboratory Bureau has laboratories in three areas of the state. The crime laboratories in Madison and Milwaukee are full service labs providing analyses in Controlled Substance, Toxicology, DNA/Serology, Firearms/Toolmarks, Identification, and Forensic Imaging.  In addition, the Madison lab houses the State DNA Databank, while the Milwaukee lab provides analyses in Trace Chemistry. The Wausau Laboratory offers Controlled Substance, Identification, and Forensic Imaging analysis.  Both Madison and Wausau provide crime scene field response for law enforcement.


The Training and Standards Bureau coordinates a variety of criminal justice initiatives and serves as the staff of the Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB). It administers the programs of the Board for certification of law enforcement, jail and secure detention officers; of instructors; and of academies. The Bureau administers reimbursement of training expenses for participants in LESB programs and coordinates and supports statewide training provided by the Department of Justice to the Wisconsin law enforcement community.  The Bureau also administers state and federal grant funds supporting juvenile justice and adult criminal justice initiatives.


The Bureau of Justice Information and Analysis (BJIA) is responsible for conducting research, analysis, and program evaluation to support evidence-based decision making and policy development.  The BJIA also serves as the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) for the State of Wisconsin and oversees the Wisconsin Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program.


Review of State Crime Lab Resources for DNA Analysis
Document: Crime Lab Resources Review [PDF]



Division Administration

The Division of Law Enforcement Services is headed by the Administrator. The Administrator is a civil service classified sworn law enforcement position which is appointed by the Attorney General. As a civil service appointment, the position term is indefinite and not an at-will appointment. The Administrator works closely with Attorney General Brad Schimel on his priority issues for the DOJ as well as with local, county, state and federal law enforcement leaders from across Wisconsin and nationally to implement programs and policies of statewide significance or importance.


The primary administrative oversight of the division comes under the Deputy Administrator. The Deputy Administrator is the second in command of the Division and provides high-level oversight to the division’s bureaus, directors, personnel and budget.


Brian O'KeefeBrian O'Keefe



Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen appointed Brian O’Keefe to serve as his Administrator for the Division of Law Enforcement Services (DLES) on January 24, 2011.


Brian’s law enforcement career began in 1981, as an aide in the Milwaukee Police Department. Brian became a sworn police officer in 1983 and later became a detective, where he investigated homicides and other violent crimes, as well as property crimes. In 1994, Brian became a Lieutenant of Detectives, where he supervised narcotics, prostitution and homicide investigations. In 2001, he was promoted to Captain, where he was the Commanding Officer of the Milwaukee Police Department’s Homicide Division.


He became Deputy Chief of Police in 2003, where he was the Commanding Officer of the Criminal Investigation Bureau, which had approximately 450 sworn and non-sworn personnel. In 2008, Brian left the Milwaukee Police Department to join M&I Bank as the Assistant Director of Corporate Security and Vice President. Brian is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy and provides instruction to law enforcement professionals on a wide range of topics.


David B. ZibolskiDavid B. Zibolski
Deputy Administrator



Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen appointed David Zibolski to the position of Deputy Administrator for the Division of Law Enforcement Services (DLES) on June 06, 2011.


Dave spent his 27-year law enforcement career with the Milwaukee Police Department where he served as a Police Aide, Police Officer, Detective, Lieutenant of Detectives, and Captain of Police.  During his 16-year tenure in the Criminal Investigation Bureau, Dave worked in and led multiple investigative units including homicide, violent crimes, and vice operations.  He served as MPD’s bomb squad commander from 2005-2011.  Dave also held patrol commands in the Neighborhood Task Force, which was comprised of the tactical enforcement, K-9, major incident response, and fugitive apprehension units, as well as a stint as commander of Milwaukee’s third police district. In his most recent position as commander of the training division, Dave managed the recruit, in-service and specialized training of 2600 personnel.


Dave is a graduate of Northwestern SPSC #203 and is an IACP certified LPO instructor.  He also holds a Master Degree in Organizational Management and Leadership from Springfield College and has provided law enforcement training on a variety of subjects.