Image and Archive Unit

The Imaging & Archive Unit is responsible for processing all incoming and outgoing hard copy source documents within CIB, in addition to processing mail. The unit also scans arrest fingerprint cards, court dispositions, correspondence and photographs into the Criminal Document Archive Retrieval Information System (CDARIS). The unit receives hard copy source documents from 72 counties across Wisconsin.


Staff Responsibilities

The Imaging & Archive Unit is staffed by 4 full-time employees and 5 limited term employees. The team processes all incoming hard copy fingerprint cards into our criminal history database. Court and prison dispositions are entered into our database manually by staff.  The unit is also responsible for maintaining case jacket files for CIB and fills supply orders for Wisconsin criminal justice agencies for identification and TIME System supplies. The staff of 5 limited term employees are in the process of scanning all Carry Concealed Weapons applications into our CDARIS database.